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Patriot Liner is the result of decades of experience in the high-performance coatings industry. Our proprietary formulation is purpose-built using the highest quality ingredients to perform in even the most brutal conditions. The coating is heated to 155°F, pressurized to over 2000psi, spray-applied, and dry in under 10 seconds. No downtime for you or your ride!

Patriot Liner is exclusively licensed to the industry's top shops that utilize the latest equipment & technology available. This ensures the job is completed the right way, every time. 


Patriot Liner provides world class protection for your ride with a strong, seamless, and uniform textured coating. All of our applicators are highly trained and experienced to ensure consistency of application nationwide. Top that off with a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty on your truck bed (Peace of mind knowing we've got your six.)

Lifetime Warranty

Enjoy your truck to the fullest knowing that your Patriot Liner branded bed liner is covered under our Lifetime Warranty as long as you own your truck. Ask your dealer for full warranty info.

Prevents Rust Leaks and Corrosion

Patriot Liners seamless application ensures a water tight seal to protect your truck from the harsh elements.

Scratch and Dent Resistant

Our formulation is up to the task. Protecting your truck bed from the wear and tear of daily use. All while complimenting the look of your truck.

Dries to the Touch in Under 10 Seconds

Busy schedule? Patriot Liner is ready for immediate use with normal application times between 2-3 hours, you’ll be back on the road in no time!